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Axis I/Axis IV - Investment in Human Capital and initiatives REACT-EU

Asse I



Axis I – Investment in Human Capital – is co-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) with a total budget of 317 million euro. Axis I aims at enhancing the value of human resources operating in the world of research and is built around 3 Actions.

Action I.1 Innovative Industrial Doctorates

The aim is to strengthen higher education and postgraduate doctoral level qualification, in line with the needs of the national production system and the NSSS.

Call for Applications - Innovative Industrial Doctorates - Cycle XXXVI
Call for Applications - Innovative Industrial Doctorates - Cycle XXXV
Call for Applications - Innovative Industrial Doctorates - Cycle XXXIV
Call for Applications - Innovative Industrial Doctorates - Cycle XXXIII
Call for Applications - Innovative Industrial Doctorates - Cycle XXXII

Action I.2 Researcher Mobility (Including Attraction of Researchers)

The aim is to support the recruitment on fixed-term contracts of young doctoral graduates to be oriented towards international mobility, and the recruitment of young researchers currently working outside the regions covered by the NOP 2014-2020 or abroad to be employed in less developed regions.

Call for Applications - Attraction and Mobility of Researchers

Action I.3 Tertiary Education in Areas Consistent with the NSSS and its Attractiveness

The aim is to support tertiary education (university and post graduate) pathways for researchers and students in order to improve the expertise of beneficiaries by facilitating their participation in higher education pathways through the activation of the Fund of Funds instrument.

Results of the Ex-Ante Evaluation of Tertiary Education
StudioSì-Smart Specialization Fund

Action I.4 Scholarships and support measures for students (capable and deserving and/or financially disadvantaged) and for the promotion of merit among students, including students with disabilities - Covid-19 Emergency 

Axsis IV “Education and research for recovery – REACT-EU”

With the reprogramming REACT-EU the Axis IV was introducted with an allocation of di 1.138 million euro applicable to the whole national territory, of which 490 destined to the Southern Regions, and provides an articulations in 6 new Actions:

  • Action IV.1 - Extraordinary expenditures for the acquisition of health care personnel to counter the crisis in health services as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic;
  • Action IV.2 - Support to families for the payment of university fees;
  • Action IV.3 - Scholarships for deserving students and those in financial difficulty;
  • Action IV.4 - PhD programmes and research contracts on innovation topics;
  • Action IV.5 - PhD programmes on green topics;
  • Action IV.6 - Research contracts on green topics

Action IV.4 aims to promote research activities on innovation, digital and enabling technologies while supporting the enhancement of human capital as a key factor for the development of research and innovation in Italy.
Action IV.5 aims to enhance the human capital that will be engaged in PhD programmes concerning ecosystem conservation, biodiversity, reduction of the impacts of climate change and promotion of sustainable development.
Action IV.6 aims to finance research contracts with particular reference to the themes of green transition, ecosystem conservation, biodiversity and reduction of the impacts of climate change.

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