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REACT-EU – PhD programmes on innovation and green topics

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Axis IV “Education and research for recovery – REACT-EU”
, included in the NOP Research and Innovation 2014-2020 following the approval of the reprogramming by the European Commission on 6 August 2021, includes two new Actions for PhD programmes applicable to the whole national territory and financed entirely by the additional ESF REACT-EU resources.
The two new Actions, Action IV.4 – PhD programmes and research contracts on innovation topics, and Action IV.5 – PhD programmes on green topics, are implemented through Ministerial Decree no. 1061 of 10 August 2021, which allocates over 50 million euro to PhD programmes on innovation topics and approximately 180 million euro to PhD programmes on green topics. The resources are intended for subjects who have accredited PhD programmes within cycle XXXVII and national doctoral programmes, pursuant to MD 45/2013, except for online universities, based on the location of their headquarters. 

Specifically, Action IV.4 aims to promote research activities on innovation, digital and enabling technologies while supporting the enhancement of human capital as a key factor for the development of research and innovation in Italy.
Action IV.5 aims to enhance the human capital that will be engaged in PhD programmes concerning ecosystem conservation, biodiversity, reduction of the impacts of climate change and promotion of sustainable development.
Research activities must be consistent with the lines defined in the National Smart Specialization Strategy and in the National Research Programme in order to promote an open approach to innovation and greater exchange between the world of research and the world of production.

The three-year PhD courses take place in compliance with the rules set out by the Universities and in compliance with the deadlines set out for PhD courses of cycle XXXVII. The financial coverage of the selected scholarships will be until 31 December 2023. Activities will be considered completed with the admission of the PhD students to the final exam. The scholarships must be awarded by the end of 2021 in order to use the resources of the NOP Research and Innovation 2014-2020 for at least two of the three planned years.

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