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University of L'Aquila


Study of the Biomolecular Mechanisms Responsible for Rare and Common Eye Diseases and Identification of New Therapeutic Targets” is aimed at the identification of some of the key molecular mechanisms underlying eye diseases, mainly in the epigenetic field. In particular, the focus on microRNA expression deregulation and activity could potentially lead to the identification of new molecular markers of the disease that could be used for diagnostic, prognostic and predictive purposes.

Financial Resources
The project was funded by the NOP Research and Innovation 2014-2020 under the action Innovative Industrial Doctorates, cycle XXXII - Academic Year 2016-2017. The University of L’Aquila, which received 83,293,74 euro in funding, has instituted a 3-year doctoral scholarship at the Department of Medical Biotechnology for the implementation of this initiative. 

The project falls within the thematic areas “Life Sciences - Smart Strategy” and “Personalized Medicine”, identified by the National Smart Specialization Strategy, and has a degree of innovation that can apply to various interrelated sectors, ranging from the technological and methodological sectors to the therapeutic sector.
The project includes a 6-month period with Dompè, a company with a high biotechnological content that carries out in-house basic and applied research, along with a 6-month period at the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology- Dept. of Visual Neuroscience in London, which has a proven expertise in the field of eye disease.

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