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Assessment of the Relative Environmental Impact of Deep Sea Mining (DSM) Activities” focuses on the important issues related to DSM activities which are, and will become increasingly present in the EU’s Blue Growth strategies as well as becoming one of the most important industries in the coming decades. However, these activities are currently not regulated by rules and standards on how to conduct Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) and there are no guidelines for the protection of marine biodiversity. The project intends to contribute to filling some technical and multidisciplinary gaps that have so far prevented the definition of a Baseline for the development of DSM-related industrial activities that are respectful of the biodiversity of our seas and of the Mediterranean Sea (where some concessions are already active) as well as of other seas.

Financial Resources
This research project was funded by the NOP Research and Innovation 2014-2020 under the action Innovative Industrial Doctorates, cycle XXXII (Academic Year 2016-2017). For the implementation of this initiative, the University of Palermo, the beneficiary of 81.948,84 euro in funding, has instituted an international 3-year doctoral scholarship in Mediterranean Biodiversity at the Department of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Sciences. 

This research falls within the thematic area “Blue Growth” and involves the following areas: “Technologies for Living Environments” for the living environments on board ships and pleasure boats; “Sustainable Mobility” for possible integrations regarding interchange, control and monitoring infrastructures; “Smart, Secure and Inclusive Communities”. The project includes a 6-month period at ENR (the National Institution of Italy for Standardization Research and Promotion), and a 6-month experience in the UK at HR Wallingford Ltd, an international research and consultancy company specializing in hydraulic, civil and environmental engineering, established in 1947. The project will contribute to training a new figure with innovative skills that may help companies start their production activities in compliance with the new requirements laid down by the legislative bodies.

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