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MitiGO - Mitigation of natural risks to ensure safety and mobility in mountain areas of Southern Italy" aims to identify hydrogeological and seismic risk mitigation solutions for roads and strategic infrastructure in mountainous urban areas of Southern Italy affected by natural disasters, lack of services, transport challenges and depopulation. Using an interdisciplinary approach and through a partnership including research institutions, companies and public administrations, the project will offer assessment and intervention models on a local scale as well as enabling the creation of a tangible and intangible, multiscale, multitemporal (real-time, periodic and on-demand) and multiresolution monitoring infrastructure. The infrastructure will be based on the new use of existing and new low-cost sensors, software for the integration of the different criticality levels and new apps for professional and mass use to create a new integrated and intelligent management service for the areas examined.
The case study is represented by an inland area in Basilicata between the cities of Potenza and Matera and between the valleys of Basento and Bradano, which is the focus of the actions of all partners. Starting from this “natural laboratory”, models for risk assessment, management and prevention will be defined.

Financial Resources
This 42 month project was funded by the NOP Research and Innovation 2014-2020 under Axis II “Thematic Projects”, Action “Clusters”, which finances industrial research and experimental development projects in the 12 specialization areas identified by the National Research Programme (PNR) 2015-2020, in particular in the “Smart, Secure and Inclusive Communities” specialization area.
For the implementation of this initiative, a budget of 4,585,327 euros was allocated to the following beneficiaries forming the public-private partnership:

  • University of Basilicata;
  • University Centre for Research on Major Hazards (CUGRI)
  • CREATEC Scarl
  • Exprivia SpA
  • Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Climate Change (CMCC Foundation)
  • Polytechnic University of Bari
  • Regione Basilicata
  • TAB Consulting Srl
  • Technologies for Earth Observation and Natural Risks (TeRN)
  • University of Trento

Impact on the Territory
The products and services developed during the project can be marketed in other geographical contexts. Also, the increased competitiveness of the companies involved in the initiative will have a positive impact on employment. Integrated synergistic systems for the protection and monitoring of land and strategic infrastructure/facilities that maximize efficiency while minimizing costs will be investigated. A hydrogeological risk mitigation expert system and guidelines will be created that can provide valuable support for technicians, public administrations and companies. Risk mitigation will also be pursued through the formulation of models promoting social participation and self-protective behaviours among citizens.
The aim of the project is to help improve the social and economic conditions of mountainous urban areas in Southern Italy, combat depopulation and foster development by transforming the current critical issues into opportunities for growth.



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