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PROMPT- Process and Product Maintenance Decision-making Platform


"PROMPT- Process and Product Maintenance Decision-making Platform” aims to develop an open, modular and scalable software platform to form a decision support system for operators, who will be assisted in process management, industrial planning and production choices. Through the data collected and processed, the platform will be able to analyse plant operation, simulate “forward” operation, i.e. in production periods following the observation period, and predict machine failure events so as to prevent them. The platform will also be developed to foster interoperability among devices, process the information collected and provide the end user with specific functions for smart manufacturing, including predictive maintenance, with the help of a digital twin. Specifically, the digital twin will create, beside the real physical space consisting of products and production lines or individual machines, a twin virtual space with built-in sensors that will connect it to the real space thanks to the transmission of data and information regarding its operation and the surrounding environment. The proposed system will be used to test, in the “protected” simulation space offered by the virtual twin, scheduling of maintenance operations over longer time horizons so as to be able to verify, again through simulation, their effectiveness without intervening directly on the real production lines.

Financial Resources
The project, which will run for 36 months, was funded by the NOP Research and Innovation 2014-2020 under Axis II “Thematic Project”, action “Cluster”, which finances industrial research and experimental development projects in the 12 specialization areas identified by the National Research Programme (PNR), in particular in the “Smart Factory” specialization area. For the implementation of this initiative, a budget of 2.472.645,95 euro was allocated to the following beneficiaries forming the public-private partnership:

  • Siderpotenza S.p.A.
  • Italdata SpA
  • Mosaico Monitoraggio Integrato Srl
  • University of SANNIO in BENEVENTO
  • University of BASILICATA
  • Rina Consulting – Centro Sviluppo Materiali SpA

Impact on the Territory
The solutions proposed represent a next generation information system in the context of Industry 4.0 and are aimed at improving process and product efficiency by optimizing processes and replacement interventions using a predictive approach in order to reduce the consumption and waste of resources without losing the push for business and large-scale competition. Predicting process and product failure, in fact, means improving consumer perception of products and process performance and avoiding system states with an environmental impact (gas and oil emissions, frequent disruption, etc.), while managing safety in the field of use.
The expected employment impact of PROMPT consists in a higher level of expertise of internal resources at the industrial partners thanks to the new skills acquired in predictive maintenance of plants. Finally, the evolution of the PROMPT solutions as well as the extension of platform microservices will allow the project partners to extend their business opportunities, thus promoting the economic development of the region.

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