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Polytechnic University of Bari


Modelling of innovative structural systems for the construction of bridge piers in riverbeds” deals with the proposing, modelling and analysis of innovative structural systems for the construction of new types of bridge piers in riverbeds and coastal environments. The design of the system is aimed at the optimization of seismic performance through the use of dissipation mechanisms but performance tests carried out in operating and extreme conditions include the presence of hydrodynamic actions, such as currents, wave motion and extreme flood events. The dissipation mechanisms under study use rocking mechanisms coupled with low cost mechanical dissipators that are very easy to control, maintain and replace. A key element is that it is possible to monitor both the global structural performance and the efficiency of the individual devices as well as the early warning of extreme events and critical structural situations (earthquakes, floods, anomalous waves, shocks). To this end, the study addresses the issues related to the integration of a system of embedded electronic displacement and strain sensors in terms of both technological aspects and definition of a monitoring methodology.

Financial Resources
The project was funded by the NOP Research and Innovation 2014-2020 under Action “Innovative Industrial Doctorates”, Cycle XXXIV - Academic Year 2018-2019. For the implementation of this initiative, the Polytechnic University of Bari, which received 85.743,06 euro in funding, established a 3-year doctoral scholarship in “Risk and Environmental, Territorial and Building Development” within the Department of Civil, Environmental, Construction, Territorial Engineering and Chemistry.

The project falls within the “Smart, Secure and Inclusive Communities” and “Smart Factory” specialization areas. The synergy between different disciplines in the field of Civil Engineering that come together to address innovative issues with a strong impact on the territory and on the opportunities for business growth is the key to achieving the goals of innovation, development and increased competitiveness in the sector. The project addresses the need for postgraduate training and specialization that will be increasingly in demand in the civil construction industry. The Doctoral Committee maintains direct contact with the business world and the service industry, according to a structured and long-established process, as evidenced by the technology transfer of research results, which involves several professors, and by the high number of relationships and agreements with public and private entities, which has proved particularly effective in providing good career opportunities for PhD graduates.
The project includes a 6-month placement at Aleandri Spa Costruzioni generali, which will provide expertise in the field of industrial prefabrication, design, supply and construction of structural components of complex civil engineering works and infrastructures, and a 6-month placement abroad at Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest Research Centre, an international research centre of the French National Institute for Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, a leader in computational sciences and modelling.

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