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Learning Analytics, LMSs and Digital Platforms: Innovative Solutions for Student-Centred Learning" aims to design and implement a prototype learning platform that restructures the current Learning Management Systems and puts the student at the centre of the educational processes. A special role is given to the use of learning analytics and the design of the outputs that the platform needs to process in order to analyse user behaviour, measure user experience, analyse user interactions and motivational processes. Specifically, the aim is to:

  • promote the processes of democratization and active construction of knowledge;
  • increase the levels of student participation and of key digital citizenship skills;
  • promote the development of digital devices that put students much more at the centre of the learning process;
  • enhance the learning analytics approach for user-centred teaching.

Financial Resources
The project was funded by the NOP Research and Innovation 2014-2020 under the Action Innovative Industrial Doctorates, Cycle XXXIII – Academic Year 2017-2018. For the implementation of this initiative, the University of Foggia received a budget of 85.743,06 euro and established a three-year doctoral scholarship in “Culture, Education and Communication” within the Department of Humanities and falling within the “Tourism, Cultural Heritage and Creativity Industry” area identified by the National Smart Specialization Strategy.

The project is expected to bring significant benefits to a sector that falls midway between educational sciences and computer science and that deals with e-learning, immersive learning, educational activities in augmented reality, etc. The platform’s cloud architecture will also allow third parties to develop vertical applications, thus opening up new markets and allowing the training activities to be integrated, for example, into citizen service portals for the PA included in the digital agenda, with the aim of training citizens in the use of online procedures and thus reducing the digital gap.
The project includes a 12-month placement at Italdata SpA, a company based in Avellino, and a 6-month experience at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina in Florianópolis, Brazil.

Further Information (in Italian): 

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