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ERHA-Enhanced Radiotherapy with Hadrons



ERHA-Enhanced Radiotherapy with Hadrons aims to develop a prototype of a linear proton accelerator that will achieve an energy of 235 MeV, i.e. the energy output necessary to treat deep-seated tumours in adults. Unlike what happens today, the patient will receive a fixed beam of protons. A dose release system and a treatment planning and control software will make it possible to determine the exact area to be treated and the dose to be released moment by moment with the utmost precision. All this provides greater accuracy in treatment and has the great advantage of preserving the healthy organs and tissues surrounding the tumour.

Financial Resources
The project received 14.871.512 euro in funding from the NOP Research and Innovation 2014-2020 under the action “Thematic Projects” through the Fund of Funds for Research and Innovation managed by the European Investment Bank (EIB) and designed to increase investment in research and development. The EU resources available to the Fund of Funds are invested through one or more financial intermediaries and may take the form of loans, equity or quasi-equity, or equivalent instruments. Specifically, this project received risk finance investments in the form of equity and quasi-equity.

Impact on the Territory
The beneficiary of the financing is Linearbeam srl, a newco of ITEL, which has drawn up an investment plan for the project covering 4 years that will have a direct economic and employment impact in the region, with 30 highly qualified people estimated to be hired.


ERHA: Firm in Puglia, Italy develops advanced proton therapy technologies

Tecnologie abilitanti, tra i progetti sostenuti dal Fondo di Fondi Ricerca e Innovazione un nuovo sistema per la cura del cancro (News del 12 aprile 2019)

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