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SIMPA is aimed at developing systems for the aeronautical sector and envisages the development of innovative technologies to help increase the efficiency of piston engine-based propulsion systems in aeronautics. The ideal field of application for volumetric internal combustion aero engines is aircraft with a power output of less than 500 hp.
The project involves the design of two piston aircraft engines: the GF56 engine (TRL 5), for which a technology demonstrator has been built to date, and the CMD22 engine, which has already reached a higher stage of technological development, although bench tests may require further changes to the working prototype (TRL 5-6). The CMD22 engine will deliver 20-30% more power for the same weight compared to current competitors with practically the same fuel consumption thanks to electronic injection, or reduced consumption in the hybrid versions under development.
The most ambitious innovation challenge is the development of the GF56 diesel engine as, with rare exceptions, general aviation aircraft use air-cooled 4- and 6-cylinder gasoline engines that have been sold in virtually the same configuration for almost 70 years. The development of a diesel engine for aviation would help overcome the disadvantages of gasoline engines, such as high fuel consumption and maintenance costs, the high price of aviation fuel and its limited availability in some parts of the world.

Financial Resources
This project obtained 8,397,872 euros in funding from the NOP Research and Innovation 2014-2020 under action "Thematic Projects - Key Enabling Technologies - KETs" through the Fund of Funds for Research and Innovation managed by the European Investment Bank (EIB) and established to increase investment in research and development. The EU resources available to the Fund of Funds are invested through one or more financial intermediaries and may take the form of loans, equity or quasi-equity, or equivalent instruments.

Impact on the Territory
The project falls within the specialization areas of “Aerospace” and “Smart Factory” and involves the enabling technology of Advanced Materials. The beneficiary of the funding is C.M.D. Costruzioni Motori Diesel SpA, a company that has been active for more than forty years in the internal combustion engine sector, with operational headquarters in Campania and Basilicata. The project aims to increase the efficiency of aircraft piston engines making them smarter, more eco-friendly and integrated by developing innovative solutions also for the global market. In particular, in a scenario of expansion in the Asian market, driven also by the inflow of the new share capital of the Chinese partner, the main direct customers could be large farms producing high quality crops which are interested in aerial applications for agriculture, also considering the large areas to be cultivated.
In summary, the project will allow C.M.D. to consolidate its position in Italian and foreign markets, with significant benefits for the region and the entire supply chain. The implementation of the project will make it possible to attract foreign capital to Southern Italy, increase the demand for skilled labour, expand the company’s business to the aircraft engine sector and strengthen the Apulian Aerospace District to which it belongs.

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